Can Dot make up with her sister?

Dot and her sister Rose haven’t spoken since Rose had an affair with Dot’s late hubby Charlie. Dot approaches Rose, who takes her to a posh house. Rose claims she’s a wealthy widow. Rose and Dot bicker and Dot leaves. Dot later returns to try one last time for a reconciliation and finds Rose is in reality living in a tiny dingey flat.

Whitney answers a call from Rob and tells him to stay away. Rob hears the noise of the funfair and works out where she is. Whitney gets separated from Fatboy and is approached by Rob, who tries to force her into his car. Whitney escapes and is relieved to find Fatboy. They head to the hotel room, but Fatboy needs to check on Phil’s Jag. Whitney is alone in the room when Rob knocks on the door…

Back in the Square, Kim wakes up in a skip then claims she doesn’t know where she’s been. Denise thinks Kim has been attacked and takes her to hospital. Patrick discovers that Kim got drunk on Minute Mart booze. A mortified Kim reveals that she was trying to deal with some bad news – an old fling called her to say that he is HIV positive.