Can Doug cheer Josh up before the hearing?

It’s the day of the sentencing hearing and Doug arrives from overseas to be with Josh. Josh takes Doug out for a gentle hit of cricket in the hours before the trial. Chris crosses paths with the pair, leaving Josh worried that he’s angered Chris further. After the incident, Toadie reveals that Chris has written an addendum to his victim impact statement… leaving Josh and his family to assume the worst.

Daniel is disarmed by Rain’s insistence that she only wants Daniel for his skills in setting up a community. Later, Amber is dismayed when she learns Daniel is considering helping Rain, and threatens to end things. But running into Rain later, she too falls for her flattery, revealing that Daniel isn’t the only one dancing to Rain’s tune.

Bailey looks forward to spending a romantic final week with Alice as she prepares for Space Camp, but she is too busy to see him. Matt convinces Bailey to tell Alice how he feels but, when he does, she breaks up with him, explaining she’s decided to leave early. Bailey gives her a passionate kiss goodbye.