Can Doug rescue Leah?

Ste has little time to comprehend his sentencing as he’s confronted by a frantic Leanne, who tells him that Leah is missing. Meanwhile, Doug is alarmed when he spots Leah at the top of some scaffolding. He manages to reach her, with Ste close behind and it’s a touching moment as they both rescue the runaway. Ste offers to help at the deli and asks Doug for his old job back. Leah asks whether they’re going to get back together, leaving the question hanging in the air.

Joe lashes out at Lindsey when he sees her in the pub again, much to everyone’s shock. Lindsey approaches Joe with kid gloves – he’s upset when she says she doesn’t want children for at least a few years, but he wants them now.

Danny and John Paul join the search for Leah, but in the woods, they make a horrifying discovery when they notice a hand emerging from under the earth. Elsewhere, Trevor and Fraser panic about the discovered dead body as the police cordon off the area.

Meanwhile, a fragile Tony is horrified when he realises Sinead is working for Trevor and collapses. Sinead rushes him to the hospital where Lindsey tells her it looks like Tony’s got pneumonia.