As Eileen secretly meets up with Paul it’s clear they’ve missed each other and as he chats about troubles at home she can see he needs a friend. But Eileen isn’t sure she can cope with being just friends and then lies to Jason about seeing Paul.

Cheryl’s feeling guilty, but Lloyd reads it as concern and decides to do his bit to support Chris by collecting him from the hospital. But when he arrives there’s no sign of Chris and the receptionist knows nothing of his appointment. Alarm bells start ringing for Lloyd and he begins to question Chris’s condition Meanwhile, Cheryl confides in Leanne, who urges her to come clean to Lloyd.

Chesney will do anything to save Schmeichel and Katy’s upset to hear he is planning an expensive op for Schmeichel when they still haven’t paid off the council. Insisting it’s time they accept help she leads Ches to Owen who offers money to pay the rent. Ches accepts and Katy’s relief is palpable, but as he looks at his dog his desperation returns.

Also, as Michelle flies high at the factory Ciaran is handed the wedding brochures…