A saddened Paul says goodbye to Eileen, before heading for his new job in north Yorkshire, she tries to cover her heartbreak. But as she drowns her sorrows with Deirdre, Eileen has an epiphany, realising Paul was the one for her and she shouldn’t be letting him go so easily. Racing to the station Eileen calls Paul’s phone, but she doesn’t reach him in time.

Stella and Karl arrive home, but the holiday’s soon over for Stella when she opens a worrying letter from her insurance company. Heading to the pub to check out the rebuild Stella leans on Karl for support, but faced with the scene of his crime Karl is unnerved.

Carla manages to convince Peter to at least try working with Rob at the bookies. As Rob installs new betting machines and technology, claiming he’s going to drag the place out of the Dark Ages, Peter’s riled but holds his tongue. 

Also, Anna’s quietly concerned when Izzy insists only Gary need go to the latest antenatal class with Tina and encourages her to get involved.