Elaine tries to calm Paterson, but as Maria goes on about his constant failings, she admits she’s met someone else and claims that his mother Ros treats her dog better than her own son. Paterson gets really angry.

When Ros arrives at The Mill, Paterson’s still angry, so Elaine suggests they call Remy, the one person Paterson listens to. Remy calms Paterson until Cherry asks if Remy wants his shots now? Remy is going to Brazil too?

Remy and Maria were going to tell Paterson, who is furious – they genuinely want him to join them out there after he gets out of jail. Elaine says she thinks Paterson’s relationship with Ros is the cause of all his problems.

As Maria and Remy leave, Paterson tells Ros what he thinks of her then disappears with her dog. When he returns, Elaine says she won’t say anything about what happened today as long as Paterson carries on with his therapy.

Meanwhile, Karen continues to stall Rob from seeing Jason. When Karen threatens to call Jason’s parents, he disappears. Karen finds him by the generator; he confesses he did steal the electric cable.

Elsewhere, Cherry discovers inspectors Anna and Peter in the nurse’s room in mid-embrace and, as they rush out, Cherry finds a stash of drugs under a blanket they were trying to steal. Cherry and Julia agree not to tell Mrs Tembe, who arrives just in time to greet the real Peter and Anna!

Also, Daniel thinks his patient Becky has a problem with commitment; her flirting becomes stronger and stronger – will Daniel give in?