Can Elizabeth play happy families?

Stepping in as Ward Sister on Keller, Elizabeth has everything under control until there’s an emergency referral from AAU – the patient is her estranged gran, Ida.

Elizabeth’s stunned to see Ida, who’s not exactly thrilled to see her either. Elizabeth confides in Ric that she left home at 16 and hasn’t been back since.

At the end of her shift, Elizabeth feels guilty about leaving her sick gran, who has been diagnosed with a serious condition.

Elizabeth manages to persuade Ric to operate and, as the procedure begins, gran and granddaughter make peace. Will Ida pull through the operation?

Meanwhile, it’s Sacha’s first day on AAU and he needs to step up to the mark. But using ‘patient through-put’ as his mantra, he manages to put people’s noses out of joint with his officious management style, but soon learns a valuable lesson. Will the old Sacha make a comeback?

Elsewhere, Jac tries to get one over on Sunil by bumping his patient for one of her own. When she finds out that her patient has romantically fallen for Sunil’s and chivalrously offers his space up for his new love, Jac is left thwarted. But Elliot points out that there is more than one way to skin a cat…