Can Elliot help Ben?

A specialist tells Ben he will lose his sight within six months. Ben is devastated – he earns a living from his unique vision. Elliot gets him a second opinion but the result is the same. Ben decides he doesn’t want Martha to spend the rest of her life looking after him and tries to tell Elliot that he doesn’t have any feelings for Martha. Elliot knows he is lying, but can he prevent Ben from leaving Martha and heading off to deal with his future blindness alone?

Newlyweds Faye and Joseph proudly show off their new photos with the Holby team. But Faye is still feeling shaky from her kiss with Linden, and tries to avoid speaking to him. Eventually she is forced to tell Linden that the kiss means nothing – but will he leave her alone?

Jayne returns after caring for her dying mother to find the board concerned about the hospital’s image. She tells Ric his zero tolerance is to blame. But Ric believes he is right and carries on with the policy. When Ric has a harsh word with new doctor Penny, Jayne tells him she is re-advertising his position.