Elliot finds himself taking care of a Holby stalwart when he’s given the job of looking after A&E’s senior charge nurse Charlie Fairhead (Casualty regular Charlie – the episode is a cross-over of the two shows).

With ex-Holby regular Jordan (guest-star Michael French) having stabilised Charlie following his heart attack, Elliot is given the task of performing a life-saving operation on the popular hospital staffer.

Jordan wastes no time in catching up with old friends and enemies on the ward – ruffling plenty of feathers along the way.

Charlie – confined to his hospital bed – feels old and useless in the wake of his scare, the vulnerable patient for once. His days aren’t numbered just yet though and Fairhead lives to return to the world of Casualty when Elliot excels in theatre.

Meanwhile, Ric plans to fool the Home Office into believing that he and Thandie are still a couple in order to avoid the estranged pair being investigated for fraudulently marrying to obtain a residency for her. He pulls the scam off, but in doing so begins to once more fall for his wife and the pair end up kissing.

Elsewhere, Maria wonders if Nicky might be gay – but why is her boyfriend George so interested? Penny gets some bad news.