Can Elly stay celibate?

Or will she give up and have sex?

Elly and Amy’s celibacy pact seems to have backfired, as all Elly can think about is men! Will she break her promise to Amy and give into temptation or will she stay strong? And will Amy break their pact when she gets an unexpected phone call?

After her panic attack, Piper swears Ben and Xanthe to secrecy. However, worried for her friend, Xanthe tells Terese, who confronts her daughter, but Piper refuses to see a doctor. As a compromise, Piper makes an appointment to see Jack who gives her some coping techniques. Will Jack’s advice work?

Also, when Sheila does a read-through of her one-woman performance to Karl, Dipi and Susan give her constructive criticism. Yet when Susan asks why Sheila is so coy about her life in high school it brings up painful memories…