Can Emma get over her fear of clowns?

Emma is working at the Police Station when she’s called to treat a tricky detainee who won’t leave his cell – it’s a clown, whose hand is covered in blood. Emma flees and explains to Rob that she has coulrophobia – a fear of clowns. Emma realises she needs to deal with this on her own but tells Rob to wash the clown’s make-up off first.

When he’s escorted back in, ‘Bubbles Galore’ looks almost worse than before – his make-up smudged down his face like something from a horror movie – and has sensed Emma’s fear and plays on it. After cleaning the cuts on his hand she indicates to the watching officer that she is done when the clown admits he’s taken an overdose but, when he refuses to tell her what he’s taken, Emma’s fairly sure he’s lying and playing games.

Emma examines the clown, who says he’ll tell her why he was arrested, if she tells him why she’s scared of clowns. Emma tells him about being chased by a clown at her sixth birthday party and he reveals how he lost his temper at a child’s birthday party after they all started laughing and throwing food at him. As Emma realises she’s not scared anymore, she gives him her name and the clown introduces himself as Harry Gregson.

As she leaves the station feeling good, Emma tells Rob the clown was harmless. But Rob informs her that the guys at the scene said it wasn’t pretty… as he starts to tell her the story, the blood drains from Emma’s face and she hears the clown’s laughter drifting down the corridor…

Also, when a shopping channel TV presenter fears he’s about to lose his job, he puts his health in danger to save his career – can Kevin help him?