Can Emma help Sister Catherine?

Sister Catherine goes into the Campus surgery, where she tells Mandy she needs a pregnancy test. Mandy’s surprised that the nun, in full habit, should need a test, until Sister Catherine reveals a volunteer at the soup kitchen raped her. A sympathetic Mandy gives Sister Catherine the test then asks Emma to talk to her – Emma’s dealt with rape victims before and Mandy thinks Sister Catherine is in denial about what’s happened.

Sister Catherine is relieved when Emma tells her the test result is negative. Emma tries to convince her to report the rape to the police; the man could do this again. Sister Catherine is sure it was a one-off, besides she couldn’t bear everyone knowing and possibly making jokes, and the rapist claimed if she reported it he would tell everyone what it was like to have sex with a nun.

Later, unable to get Sister Catherine off her mind, Emma goes to visit her at the convent, where Sister Catherine realises she must report the rape. At the rape suite, DC Strachan questions Sister Catherine, who has just been examined by Emma. When Emma reveals there’s no chance of DNA being found after all this time, Sister Catherine fears there’s no point in pressing charges but Emma says her word is worth something.

Later, Sister Catherine spots young Lucy, who is clearly also the victim of an attack. Lucy tells her a little about her attack before breaking down. Lucy’s plight strikes a chord with Sister Catherine, who tells Emma she will make a statement!

Meanwhile, Chris attempts to get Al and Jimmi’s bromance back on track. And Mandy gets a shock when she sees someone getting into a taxi… who looks like Freya!