Zara fails to see how miserable Rachel is and is outraged when she finds Mandy talking through formula options with the new mum, infering that Rachel’s letting her baby down. As Mandy and Zara argue, Emma finds Rachel in tears. Emma is relaxed about Rachel’s choices but asks to see how baby Harry latches on. Emma notices the problem straight away and it’s a wonderful moment for Rachel as Harry has his first successful feed.

Zara’s mortified when she realises Emma’s helped Rachel where she failed but covers by having a go at Emma. Emma explains that Zara’s personal experience could be counterproductive and that the only way Zara can truly help breastfeeding mothers is to stop blaming them and learn more about the problems they face!

Delighted with his newly arrived laptop, Al explains to Daniel he’s setting up a SETI –  the scheme where thousands of home computers use their spare capacity to assist in the search for alien life. When Kevin and Daniel pretend to be an Amercian SETI guy, an excited Al logs onto the SETI website. Later, Kevin and Daniel tease Al, who claims he knew it was them all along…

Karen and Emma debate whether or not to invite Mrs Tembe to their underwear party. Emma thinks there isn’t a chance she would come even if they did ask her. Emma is aghast when Karen invites Mrs Tembe to their ‘Tuppaware Party’ – Karen reckons it’s going to be a scream!

Also, Howard gets a shock when he discovers why an ex-colleague recruits him to help her layabout son.