Emma arrives home from Howard’s hoping that Sam will have changed his mind about wanting to die – he hasn’t. They discuss his plan further but Emma simply can’t agree. She realises that, having told him she’s been seeing Howard, she needs to explain everything. Sam’s clearly hurt but Emma reassures him she’s never stopped loving him.

Sam tries to explain why he finds his life intolerable and how the threat of another stroke scares him, he wants the right to choose when and how he dies. But Emma thinks she has a trump card – how can he do that to Chris? How can he abandon and destroy him? At that moment, Chris suddenly arrives home from his course in Edinburgh – as he chats away happily he’s unaware of the tension in the room…

Karen and Rob take their friend Reverend Gordon Clement on a tour of Letherbridge. They pop into the Campus for a cuppa and everyone’s astonished to see he’s already met Mrs Tembe. When Gordon asks Mrs Tembe if she’d be willing to hear about some changes he has in mind for the church, she is slightly suspicious but also flattered to be asked and Karen is left feeling slightly jealous at this unexpected connection. Karen makes a point of trying to mother Gordon, so when Mrs Tembe recommends Heston as his new doctor, Karen books him in with Jimmi!

Also, Jas finds herself at war with an experienced Consultant when she tries to defend a stressed mother and her autistic son.