Can Evelyn and Spencer escape the cult?

Evelyn tries to help Spencer escape the cult, but he’s coughing up blood. Meanwhile, Oscar shows Hannah the letter Evie smuggled out to him. Hannah goes to rescue Evie and asks Zac for his help. Evie is relieved when her father Ethan arrives, but when Murray appears, Evelyn realises that they’re there to return them to the cult. Zac and Hannah arrive, but Ethan wants Evelyn to stay. Evelyn tells her father about the Discovery Weekend, but Murray hurries Ethan away.

Casey realises he can’t get his HSC this year, as he hasn’t met the requirements. Tamara can see how much it means to Casey and stands up to Montgomery, so Montgomery calls the school board accusing Bianca of trying to help an ex-con.

Bianca realises Casey’s hardships could be grounds to get him his HSC if the Department deem him exempt from exams because of the struggles he’s faced.

Ricky forces Kyle to apologise to Casey, feeling that the brothers should be close. Heath’s pleased to see his brothers getting along, and Ricky happily tells them that they can visit Brax this afternoon – however, she won’t be able to as she has to look after Josh. The brothers know that Ricky is struggling, so they give up their places so Ricky can have alone time with him.