Can Evelyn help Matt

Zac sees Matt at the Diner, he threatens to throw him out of the house if he doesn’t clean up his act – and fast! Evelyn tells him to stop pushing people away and Matt tells her he’ll make a change. However, Evelyn catches him drinking and a lonely Matt kisses her, leaving her furious.

Leah returns home, but she isn’t quite herself much VJ’s concern. The next morning Leah, Zac and VJ head to The Diner and everyone is overjoyed to Leah on her feet again. Yet Leah struggles with the noise and asks to be taken home.

John receives a letter from his old Navy pals about the reunion for the 100th anniversary of Anzac day. The reunion is in Adelaide, but John can’t afford the trip. When Jett asks John why Summer Bay doesn’t mark Anzac Day, it gets John and Marilyn thinking and John decides to build a War Memorial with a little help from Alf.