Can Evie get her family back together?

Evelyn plans a family dinner at the farm house; however, Hannah thinks it’s not a good idea as things are still awkward between herself and Zac. Evelyn thinks it’s a brilliant idea, as Hannah isn’t invited! Zac, Evelyn and Denny sit down to dinner, but receive a message from Oscar explaining he’s busy.

Worried for Josh’s safety, Casey suggests he moves into the Share House. Denny apologises to Casey about their argument over Andy and they agree to disagree. At the pier Hannah admits to Andy she still has feelings for him.

Embarrassed that Josh has dumped her for Evelyn, Maddy delivers a verbal attack on the new couple in Zac’s class. She makes a dramatic exit from the classroom and tells Spencer she is quitting school for good. Spencer goes straight to Roo to convince Maddy to change her mind.

John has chosen Jett to be his best man, so Chris offers his services to be a groomsman, John quickly tells him that won’t be possible, as he isn’t invited!