Can Fiz avoid Joy’s funeral?

As Fiz heads to the solicitor’s to claim Joy’s inheritance she tries to convince herself she’s doing it for Hope. But inside Fiz is uneasy as the solicitor offers his condolences admitting he represented Joy for 30 years. As they go through the paperwork she’s worried he’ll stumble upon John’s crime. And now she has to get out of attending Joy’s funeral the next day.

The atmosphere’s frosty between Leanne and Peter and when she misses his physio appointment – he’s hoping to take his first steps unaided. Disappointed with his progress and Leanne’s seeming lack of support Peter hits the bottle. Realising he’s in a mess Peter calls Nick, begging him to come and help sort him out before Leanne discovers what he’s done. But when Nick pretends he can’t hear him it’s Carla who Peter calls next. Carla must bury her feelings and help Peter save his marriage, as Nick takes Leanne to the flat.

When Rosie‘s offered an audition for a mother and baby photoshoot she sets about convincing Kevin that she’d really like to spend some time with her baby brother.

Also, on the eve of her appeal Tracy admits she’s scared of going back to prison.

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