After Raf lost his nerve in theatre last week and told ward manager Fletch he was struggling because his wife Amy had slept with AAU colleague Harry and that he could be the father of her unborn child, Fletch vowed to help Raf get his life – and career – back on track.

Keen to get Raf dealing with challenging cases, Fletch urges him to treat Eric, who has serious facial injuries. When Eric reveals he can’t see, Raf realises his injuries are worse than first thought – but the nervous registrar is unable to reassure Eric that he can save his sight.

When Raf tells Fletch that he’s still in no fit state to perform such complex eye surgery, Fletch is cruel to be kind and tells Raf he can’t let a man go blind just because he has marriage problems! Raf knows he has to prove himself as a surgeon – but can he bounce back?

Meanwhile, Guy’s trying to fob off a visiting dignitary, who has a professional crush on Jac Naylor. And when he and Jac operate simultaneously to save a man’s life, Guy too realises there’s more to Jac than meets the eye…

Also, Dom’s excitement over his burgeoning relationship with Kyle is challenged by a misunderstanding. Is Dom ready for a committed relationship?