Michael tries to back out of going to see the doctor, but Gail offers to accompany him. However, when he disappears before the appointment a frantic Gail worries that he’s had a heart attack.

Ken and Deirdre are furious to learn that Jim was Peter’s booze supplier and far from protecting Peter like they thought, Jim will now be after his blood. Inside Peter’s resigned when two inmates turn up in his cell and march him off to see Jim. As Ken and Deirdre wait for him in the prison visiting room they fear the worst.

Todd appeals to Eileen, promising he’s job-hunting in an attempt to sort himself out, but she makes it clear she couldn’t care less. When Jason announces he can’t stand living under the same roof as Todd so he’s moving in with Eva, it looks like the rift won’t be mended any time soon.

Also, Sophie announces that Kevin’s coming home tomorrow; Maddie continues to impress her new colleagues at the factory; nervous about bumping into Neil, Andrea spends the day tidying Lloyd’s flat.