Kathy is terrified after finding Gavin in the house, warning him to leave or she’ll call the police. Calming Kathy down, Gavin explains he’s been on holiday with Sharon and needs to get a message to Sharon, as things ended badly. When Dot turns up, she’s alarmed to realise who Gavin is. After breaking down, Gavin wins Kathy round. Pleased when Kathy agrees to talk to Sharon, Gavin moves in for a kiss, causing an angry Kathy to throw him out!

Pam and Les have a date, but things get awkward when Les brings up the past. Determined to win back Pam, Les reminds her they’re still the same people. After admitting she can’t get over ‘Christine’, Pam runs out. A watching Babe comforts Les, making a move on him, but he tells her to back off!

Les later arranges to meet Pam at the allotments and is followed by Babe. Burning all of ‘Christine”s belongings, Les hopes they can start over. After they leave, Babe finds a photo of ‘Christine’.

Martin and Kush continue to have a punch up over Kush leaving Martin’s phone in the house. Confused by Kush’s behaviour, Martin wonders what was his real motive for leaving the phone behind. Finding a bleeding Martin, Sonia brings him home, only for them to find Tina waiting for Sonia with a naughty Valentine treat!