Can Georgia save Jack when he collapses?

Georgia’s keen to move on from nursing, but Karl asks her if she’s running from Robbo’s death. Kyle confronts her and she accuses him of not being supportive. Against Toadie’s legal advice she signs with Paul. But her attempts to move away from nursing are hampered, when Jack keels over and she’s forced to revive him.

Matt is reeling after seeing the video on Robbo’s phone. Ellen tells him she’ll have to interview Amber and warns him not to interfere. Amber cracks under interrogation and admits who knew about the video – not just Mason but Imogen, Chris and Hudson. Ellen brings them all in for questioning, and they are all adamant they didn’t do it kill Robbo. Matt is powerless to help his children as he waits for Forensics to finish with the evidence.

The Turner family is shattered after Amber is brought in for questioning. Before he’s interviewed, Mason admits to Matt that he knew about the video and tried to deal with it on his own.

Mason tries to convince Paul to tell the cops about Marty but Paul refuses. After the interviews, Matt can’t even look at Amber. Lauren, too, is having a hard time understanding Amber’s actions in getting back with Robbo, but assures a conflicted Matt that everything will be OK.