Can Gilly convince Lynsey he’s innocent?

Lynsey returns to give Gilly a second chance, but just as he is about to reveal why they can’t be together, Mercy storms in. Jacqui has told her that Gilly raped her, although with her track record she didn’t think the police would believe her. Lynsey’s shocked, telling Gilly that’s she’s worked with rape victims and wants nothing to do with him. Later, Rhys is stumped when Jacqui and Gilly ask him to pick a side.

Meanwhile, Tony sacks Gilly when he hears about the rape, siding with Jacqui. While in Chez Chez Cheryl tells Jacqui that she has to go, she’s siding with Gilly.

Lee and Leanne embark on a money-making scheme, taking Ruby, Seth, Esther and Jason on a ghost tour. It’s clear Seth is into Esther and asks Heidi if he and Jason can have a birthday party. Leanne and Lee immediately offer to organize the event.

Also; Pete turns up and Brendan’s in shock. Ste is suspicious and confronts Brendan in the toilets asking whether Pete’s his ex. Brendan can’t handle the questions and Ste tells him that he’s had his last chance when their passion turns to punches again.

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