As Hannah vows to stand by Rhys, Suzanne hopes that Neville and the boys will come home soon. After spending the night in a B & B, Gilly decides it’s time he got a flat of his own, but is thrown when Josh assumes he can move in too. Hannah is upset when Josh informs her he’s never returning home and Gilly realises that he is the only one that can bring the Ashworths back together. Can he reunite them?

Broke Sasha and Fletch try and fail to raise funds for their next fix. Without much choice, Sasha suggests staying off the drugs for a few days but Fletch is too addicted. Later, Sasha tries to con money out of her dad.

Zoe is horrified when her dad arrives earlier than expected, and things soon turn awkward when Mr Carpenter asks about Zoe’s boyfriend – Mike’s son. And the tension increases when Mike introduces himself as Zoe’s boyfriend. Mike takes everyone out to lunch so they can get to know each other better but everything falls apart when Michaela takes their order and ends up blabbing about the Barnes’ troubled past.

Also, pregnant Tina admits to Dominic that she is scared about the birth and giving up her child.

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