Mrs Tembe finally speaks to Gordon, who can’t understand how she could lie to him, knowing how devastated he was by his own wife’s death. Mrs Tembe explains Thomas was her childhood sweetheart and that they married young in Botswana. Their early married years were happy, but there was something missing between them. Thomas became distant just as she was hoping to start a family. Then one day, he told her he was attracted to men; he could no longer live a lie.

Horrified by Thomas’s revelation – and the thought of being stuck in a marriage with someone who couldn’t be a proper husband to her – Mrs Tembe outed him to the community and he was forced to leave Botswana. When she came to the UK she couldn’t face telling people the truth so lied that she was a widow. Gordon advises her to find Thomas and forgive him and seek forgiveness herself.

Meanwhile, Zara’s broken ankle is getting her down but when Jas and Mandy invite her for a drink, she declines as she has no babysitter. As Karen nearly puts her foot in it with Daniel when she assumes he’s going out, Zara tells Karen she hasn’t let Daniel be alone with Joe since she found Daniel about to shake him. Karen asks what hope there is for their future if they can’t resolve this? For once, Zara has no answer.

Also, Al’s reluctance to take part in a neighbourhood initiative gets him into trouble with the police.