Things have been tense between Sahira and Greg since they kissed and, this week, Sahira continues to be frosty towards her once very good friend. When Hanssen orders Sahira to conduct an audit and she says she’s busy covering for Jac, Greg jumps in to defend her. But Sahira’s annoyed he’s interfered in her business and walks off, leaving Greg confused.

As pregnant patient, Rowena, is admitted with a heart condition, Greg hands Sahira a completed audit thinking he’s doing her a favour – but Sahira tells Greg she’s had enough of him always trying to save her. With that, Greg snaps and asks if her attitude towards him is because they kissed. Sahira shrugs this off and they agree to keep their distance.

But when Greg needs a second opinion on Rowena’s treatment, he’s forced to ask for Sahira’s help. Can Greg and Sahira work together to save Rowena?

Meanwhile, with Dan on a conference in Miami, Oliver is left in charge of all things orthopaedic. Oliver assists Ric in conducting a GS procedure, while attempting to complete an extremely mundane task left by Dan.

And when Malick hears about Michael’s resignation, he opts to spend the day on AAU trying to impress him.