Can Guy help Zosia?

Following Zosia’s recent bi-polar diagnosis, Holby boss Guy Self is hopeful they can manage her condition. But he’s concerned, this week, when his daughter gets emotionally involved with a patient, with dramatic consequences. Zosia’s disastrous day begins when a woman, Betty (played by former EastEnder Anita Dobson), is admitted with stomach pains. Betty claims to know Zosia, saying there’s a ‘connection’ that binds them.

Intrigued, Zosia makes Betty top priority and when she learns Betty has renal cancer, she pushes for her to have surgery immediately. Guy’s pleased to see Zosia making progress since being diagnosed as mentally ill but it soon transpires Zosia’s still very unwell. When she learns Betty’s cancer is terminal, Zosia vows to raise £10,000 herself for private drug treatment – and appears on the ward waving a bucket around, asking for money from staff and patients!

When Arthur’s told about Zosia’s wayward behaviour he alerts Guy, who’s visibly upset as a confused Zosia reveals her late mother’s spirit is inside Betty; she’s come home for Christmas. Worried, Guy wants to take Zosia away from Holby but she disappears, later turning up at the staff Christmas party, where she begs for money to save her mother’s life. With Zosia’s behaviour now clearly out of control, will Guy be forced to take drastic action?

Elsewhere, Mo’s elated when Jessie asks her to perform a duet with him at the Christmas Party, setting her on a path to finally follow her heart and admit she’s fallen in love with him. But will there be heartbreak for Mo?

Also, when Serena learns that Raf and Harry still don’t know which of them fathered Amy’s baby and she decides to lend a hand in getting the ball rolling. Amy confides in Serena that she wants to go ahead with the paternity test and Serena fast-tracks the results. But who will turn out to be the baby’s father?