Can Hannah relax her rules for Andy?

Andy is sick and tired of Hannah’s relationship rules. Hannah tries smooth things over with a passionate kiss and they spend the night together. When Andy wakes up in the middle of the night to leave, Hannah is forced to admit her rules are affecting their relationship negatively. 

Nate takes Sophie on their second date, unfortunately as soon as they sit down they bump into Alf and Hannah and to make matters worse, Nate keeps looking at his phone. Sophie playfully grabs his phone but Nate explains that he’s on call. He puts it away so they can continue with their date.

Alf suggests throwing a special welcome home dinner for Roo, but an upset Maddy turns down the idea. Yet both are unaware that Roo has collapsed at home. When Maddy gets home, she finds Roo and calls ambulance. As Roo is hooked up to machines, Alf and Maddy wait by her bedside while Nate is laying in bed with Sophie, unaware his phone is on silent…

Brax and Ricky are still contemplating their future and Ricky reveals she is still yearning to be a mother. After hearing her confession, Brax announces he doesn’t see a future involving children.