Harold and Lou continue to bicker over Harold’s decision to sell up and go travelling with the stress of imminent homelessness beginning to take its toll on Lou’s health. But stubborn Lou refuses to admit anything is wrong. But later when Lou is locking up, he collapses to the ground, suffering an apparent heart attack. Harold arrives to find his best mate slumped in front of the only unlocked door, blocking it completely. Can Harold reach Lou before it’s too late?

When she discovers that Paul lied about the end of his relationship with Rebecca, a mortified Kirsten realises she has been used and worries that Paul will fire her to make sure she stays out of his way. Kirsten confides her employment concerns to Rebecca who asks Paul to reassure Kirsten that she’s not going to lose her job. Concerned about the growing bond between the two women, Paul makes a desperate offer to buy Kirsten’s silence. But will she take his hush money?

Feeling responsible for ruining the class action case, Rebecca does everything in her power to bring Mayor Jackie to justice. But Jackie’s smooth press conference makes her look innocent and Rebecca considers desperate measures, with Elle suggesting they break in to the Mayor’s office.

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