Can Harvey stay out of jail?

Roo convinces Harvey to let Morag represent him but she says his best chance is to plead guilty, that way he may escape jail time. Harvey is reluctant, fearing it would smear his reputation, though Roo believes the most important thing is for him to stay out of jail for the sake of those who love him. Eventually, Dex tells Harvey that Lottie won’t be ok without him -he must plead guilty. After the trial, Harvey returns a free man – he’s followed Dex’s advice.

Bianca rushes to hospital and, after a series of tests, Sid reveals that everything’s fine but the baby’s not growing at the rate they expect. Bianca worries that her stress levels are the reason for her complications and pushes Heath away yet again. She can’t let him into her life.

Indi tells her father about the car damage and Sid insists she pays for the excess on the insurance. She visits Romeo in hospital and they share their problems, leaving them both longing for what they once had together.