Heston and Ruhma are at a wedding anniversary party with Heston’s friends Monique and Patrick. Suddenly Monique suffers a stroke and later dies in hospital. Heston and Ruhma go and check on Patrick but no one’s at home. Ruhma remembers that Heston said Patrick and Monique always used to go back to the lake on their anniversary. They arrive just in time and Heston pulls Patrick back from the waters edge. Back at home, Patrick suffers a heart attack and Ruhma thinks he died of a broken heart.

Ayesha spots track marks on Ike’s arm and accuses him of being a drug user. He protests and convinces her that, because he fought through an addiction, it gives him a greater chance of helping Bren.

Passing a hotel, Karen turns her ankle, and is looked over by a passing suited man, who reveals he is doing talks on stocks and shares if she wants to come. She decides to go in, telling Rob that something has come up.