Heston feels hopeless after seeing the CCTV footage. Prosecution lawyer Alice calls her witness Barry, who recalls how Heston lost his temper with him, claiming if Julia hadn’t turned up he doesn’t know what Heston would have done. As he catches Julia’s look of disgust and Heston’s desolation, Barry changes his attitude, claiming Dr Carter was under pressure at home.

Alice calls her next witness; Heston’s neighbour Margaret, who saw the event. She recalls Heston’s shouting and how she didn’t see a screwdriver, just Curtis holding his arm out to defend himself. Godfrey questions that if she couldn’t see one of Curtis’s hands how does she know he didn’t have a screwdriver. He then drops a screwdriver on the floor asking if Margaret heard anything similar that night – she admits she did.

Heston is pleased with Godfrey’s progress but Godfrey insists it isn’t enough. Heston needs to tell the court about Marina so they understand how he perceived the threat and that his force was, therefore, reasonable. When Alice sticks the knife in Heston opens up, revealing all about the violence he endured with Marina. The magistrates later give a verdict of not guilty, claiming it was reasonable self-defence. Heston is relieved.