After sleeping in the spare room, Heston goes to wake Marina, but she snaps at him for his snoring; she can still hear him. Heston takes the verbal tirade against him and remains calm, but the cracks start to show at work.

When Marina comes to apologise for snapping at Heston, he tells her to leave work early and get some sleep, and he’ll come home and cook. But as he prepares Marina’s dinner, he accidentally drops a pan. An incensed Marina storms in raging at Heston for interrupting her sleep and attacks him.

As she goes for the pan of hot water, Heston takes control and urges Marina to calm down. He holds her when she breaks down and apologises, but Heston is satisfied that he has remained strong.

Freya’s excited about her football match that afternoon but, after telling Cherry she doesn’t think it’s Mandy’s sort of thing, she’s thrown when Mandy insists she’ll come along and watch. But it’s all a bit too close for comfort for Freya when Mandy is asked to join in as they’re a player short.

Mandy integrates herself in the team and, after reigning victorious, she suggests they head back to Freya’s to celebrate. Freya cries off with a lame excuse and hurries out, leaving a bewildered Mandy to be comforted by Cherry.

Also, Julia urges a friend to make peace with her dying husband, but at what cost?