Can Heston tell Freya the truth?

At the Campus, Heston lies to Elaine and Karen, claiming that his latest injury was caused by a champagne cork. But Freya begins to get suspicious as this is his third injury this week, and Heston decides to take her aside and pretend that he actually has Benign Positional Peripheral Vertigo.

Later, Freya fusses around him, fascinated to meet a real-life case and Heston gets frustrated. She won’t let him drive in his condition and offers to drive for him. Outside in his car, Heston is on the verge of telling Freya the truth but bottles out of it, feeling trapped.

Cherry’s still stressed about cutting back the wedding costs and Jimmi says he’ll find them a cheap band. Jimmi asks Daniel for advice, and he says that all they need is his MP3 player and some speakers. He asks Jimmi to press random play, and whatever comes up will be the first song after his dance with Cherry. As Madness starts to play, Jimmi and Daniel start to dance like the nutty boys… until Mrs Tembe shouts at them to turn it off!

Later, Cherry pops in to see how he’s doing and Jimmi remembers that his nephew Will is in a band – they’d be cheap! He looks them up on the internet but Cherry is not impressed with the name ‘The Satanic Daffodils’. Upon hearing the thrash metal band online, Cherry vows that if The Satanic Daffodils are playing, she’s calling off the wedding!

Also, a patient of Elaine’s follows his heart’s desire when he believes the end of the world is nigh.