Holly wakes up and realises her mum is missing. Mercedes recruits Nana McQueen and Phoebe to look for Cindy and Holly overhears her talking about their fight the night before. Holly threatens Mercedes with the police so Mercedes tells her that she’ll tell them that Cindy stole her lottery money.

Meanwhile, Cindy is wondering around in a wasteland looking for the money she buried, but it isn’t in the place she left it. Cindy continues to look for the money while Rhys stands over her angrily. She finds it, only to be caught by Mercedes. Cindy and Mercedes begin to wrestle over the money and eventually Mercedes gets it off Cindy when Holly and Phoebe pull them apart.

Nico is trying on her bridesmaid dress in the other room and sees Patrick raise his hand to Maxine. Nico confronts Maxine about Patrick but she shuts the conversation down telling her that she’s happy and in love with Patrick.

Patrick comes home to give Maxine a rose and takes away her sunflower from the window, which is her signal to Dennis that she is alone. Blessing thinks she can come to the flat, but Patrick is there when she arrives. Nico diverts Patrick’s attention so Blessing can tell Maxine that she’s booked her flights.