Can Howard outsmart Heston?

Heston’s still refusing to listen to Howard’s plans for an ECG machine. Mid-morning, young Liam comes to visit Heston; he’s the grateful recipient of Heston’s kind bursary, and Heston’s demeanour changes entirely. He’s delighted to meet his young protégé and whisks him off for lunch. Liam is in awe of Heston, who’s delighted to give him some of the benefit of his wisdom, and returns to work eager to tell everyone how he has been instrumental in changing a young man’s life. Howard sees an opportunity; would Liam be interested in some paid work experience over the summer holidays – he could assist with the administration for the new ECG machine? Heston’s outmanoeuvred, but he reluctantly agrees to sign up as a favour to Liam.

Meanwhile, at Kevin’s place, he and Jas load up her last few things into her car, as they joke about the things they certainly won’t miss about one another. Kevin visits at lunch with a pot plant gift from Al – he laughs, but Jas says he can hardly mock Al’s housewarming present when he hasn’t bought her anything himself. When Kevin leaves, Jas sends Al a thank you text. Al beams and we discover he’s been checking out every angle of Jas’s new house via Google Earth. 

Also, will Karen give a pensioner the OK to fulfil his dream of jumping out of a plane?