When Howard finds out that Gareth’s robbed the club, he takes control and starts shoving the money back into the bag. When Freddie finds out it was Gareth and that Jade was seen going after him, Freddie calls Jade but Howard answers, saying he will be at the club in 30 minutes with the money and then hangs up. But when Howard gets to the club he quickly realises handing the money over isn’t the end of it – Freddie wants Jade…

Freddie uses Howard’s phone to call Gareth who, thinking it’s Howard, reveals they are at St Phil’s – Jade is in agony with stomach pains from her ectopic pregnancy. Freddie and bouncer Lester rush out, assaulting Howard as they go, leaving him unconscious on the floor. Meanwhile, Jade is being prepped for surgery to remove the pregnancy, when Freddie sees Gareth and tells him to ‘come quietly’. They bundle him in a car and speed off.

Gareth’s taken to an empty warehouse where he’s been tied to a chair and beaten. As Rob and Howard burst in, Gareth charges at Freddie, grabs his gun and aims it at him. Howard talks Gareth into lowering the gun, and Freddie and Lester are arrested. At the hospital, Gareth apologises to Howard and agrees to seek help for his PTSD.