Howard calls a partners meeting and reveals that Jas has made a formal complaint of harassment against Al. Zara knows about the ‘harmless’ email Al sent Jas, and says Jas needs to grow up. But when Howard shows them all the list of incidents that Jas has reported, Zara’s stung that she dismissed this so easily. She calls for Al to be sacked, but Howard says the situation needs to be handled sensitively.

While Howard finds out from Jas that she doesn’t want to take the matter to the police, Heston goes to speak to Al to get his version of events. Al tries to excuse his behaviour, confirming in Heston’s mind that Al is indeed guilty of harassing Jas. Al calls Jas and leaves a message saying that he’s going to leave her alone from now on, leaving Jas shaken and close to tears.

Despite what Howard said earlier about handling the matter sensitively, Zara calls Al into her office and lambastes him for his behaviour. Howard calls another partners meeting and tells them all his plan to write up new codes of practice for employees at the surgery and to have Jas and Al working on separate sites whenever they’re on shift together. Zara doesn’t think this is going far enough and again calls for Al to be sacked

Later, Howard congratulates Heston on their handling of the situation today, but Heston isn’t so convinced. Meanwhile, as Al sits alone drinking in the Icon, miserable and isolated, a terrified Jas feels like a prisoner in her own home.

Also, Emma and Rob struggle to get to the bottom of a mysterious outbreak at the police station.