Can Ian forgive Peter?

After being pushed inside Dot’s house by Nick, a stunned Ian insists on seeing her. Unhappy that Ian knows about Nick, Dot begs Ian not to tell anyone, insists it’s her opportunity for a second chance with the son she thought was dead. Dot’s plea hits a nerve with Ian, who agrees to keep quiet for now.

Ian returns home with food for thought, deciding that he needs to give Peter a second chance. Bringing Peter home, Ian surprises the family, who are delighted to see him. When Ian heads out to get some mince pies as the Beales decorate the tree, Ian sees Nick smirking in Dot’s window. Realising that Nick hasn’t changed and is still a threat, Ian interrupts Phil – who is with a scantily clad Sharon – blurting out that Nick is alive.

Aleks is gutted to have lost Roxy, begging Charlie to help him talk to her. Roxy is also missing Aleks and is delighted when Charlie reveals how much Aleks wants to see her. When she visits Aleks, she’s surprised that he’s nowhere to be seen, but she softens when he explains what he was up to. Aleks then tells a shocked Roxy he’s leaving Walford.

Also, Shirley and Mick deal with finding Sylvie.