Karen watches as Rob opens his birthday card from Imogen, but he gives nothing away and goes to work. Karen calls Imogen and arranges for her to come home at lunchtime. Karen meets Rob from work and takes him for a walk past the derelict hospital where Imogen was born, asking if he’s prepared to miss out on seeing her graduate and get married.

When he gets home and sees that Imogen is there, Rob confronts Karen – she played him didn’t she? Karen admits she did, then goes to help Imogen settle in. That night, Imogen asks Karen if her dad has forgiven her and Karen lies and says of course he has! But Imogen’s not so sure…

Anxious about the pregnancy test results, Zara snaps at Mrs Tembe, telling her to make sure she’s kept busy. Then Mrs Tembe witnesses Zara snapping at Daniel and tries to raise the issue with Julia. Later, Mrs Tembe walks into Zara’s room to find her asleep on the bed and suspects she has a hangover.

Also, Heston treats a dying man who wants to protect his daughter by taking away her independence.