Irene is furious with the DNA revelation and makes it clear that Olivia has crossed the line. Olivia tries to find sympathy from Hunter, but he doesn’t give her any and the tables turned when Lindsay turns up. Later, Irene softens and tells Olivia that she and Claire don’t want to lose their bond. As the pair try to move past the DNA test, it’s clear things have changed and Claire decides it’s time to leave.

Hunter and Olivia reconcile and Hunter explains Lindsay won’t come between them. However, Lindsay makes it clear she’s looking for trouble when she “accidentally” reveals she kissed Hunter!

Skye and VJ sneak into the University Party at Angelo’s, but Skye’s gutted when she sees Oscar kissing a girl called Alessia. When Skye spots Oscar leaving the party with a different girl, she flips. Oscar tells Evelyn about Skye’s outburst and Evelyn tells Oscar that Skye has a crush on him. So he tracks Skye down and the pair agree to be friends.