Izzy and Gary continue to row as Gary insists the only reason he spent £200 on Tina was to show his gratitude. But a jealous Izzy remains unconvinced.

Max fails to wake David, but finds his mobile and phones Nick. He races to the park, arriving just as David regains consciousness. Back on the street David worries about the future, but after a visit to the doctor Nick and Kylie promise to help him every step of the way. David thanks them for being the best brother and wife anyone could wish for…

Desperate to earn some money, Stella tells Nick she’d like to apply for the position of cleaner at the bistro.

Also, Anna gives Faye her tea and does her washing and Owen’s unimpressed and angrily points out Tim’s shortcomings, telling him he’s not fit to be a full-time dad; Hayley tells Roy that St  John’s not well and it would be a shame if Roy failed to get in touch and St John died. But Roy has mixed emotions.