When abandoned baby Freya is diagnosed with a serious heart condition, Jac tells her team that, without a risky but life-saving operation, the six-month-old baby girl will die. But with Freya’s mother Nicole missing, Sahira and Elliot refuse to perform surgery without parental consent.

Jac goes straight to Hanssen telling him they must operate immediately and he supports her diagnosis. With Sahira and Elliot still against the surgery, Jac finds support from an unlikely source when Greg offers to assist her.

But when Jac sees tiny Freya on the operating table, she seems anxious about performing heart surgery on such a young patient. The op goes well but then Freya takes a turn for the worse. Can she save the infant?

Meanwhile, Oliver must gather data from Orthopaedics to complete his research. Dan is short-staffed so Oliver offers to lend a hand – but after seeing Dan’s teaching methods, he begins to consider his future on Darwin.

And, on AAU, new senior registrar Luc, with his unorthodox methods, is soon ruffling Eddi’s feathers.