Can Jack find missing Rory?

Alf is frantic when he can’t find Rory, and a panicking Jack arrives, revealing that Sam’s ex Shane Deeks has escaped from jail and is possibly in the Bay. Jack sets out to track down Rory, after receiving a witness report of a boy getting into a green van. Meanwhile, Martha makes a difficult visit to Sam who is inconsolable about Rory’s disappearance.

The green van is spotted at the boat wharf, prompting Jack and Fitzgerald to investigate. They see Deeks leaving a fishing boat before returning to the van. However, Deeks spots the police car and speeds off with Jack and co in hot pursuit.

The car chase reaches critical speeds, and Jack, not wanting to put Rory’s life at risk, ends up backing off. But it’s too late. Shane loses control of the van and crashes. He’s killed instantly. A frantic van search fails to reveal any sign of Rory, but Jack finds three passports for Rory, Deeks and a woman called Bron.

Realising that Rory must still be at the Marina, he returns to look for him, despite furious McGrath telling him he’s off the case. He finds Bron who confesses that Rory was on the fishing boat but jumped overboard. After a massive search, Jack finds Rory alive and well.

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