Can Jack save Ronnie?

Ronnie visits Tim in a bid to work out who is behind the sinister pranks. After realising that Hannah might be to blame, Ronnie confronts her, but she insists she has nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Jack follows his own lead and concludes that Hannah was behind it after all. When Jack calls Ronnie to warn her, Hannah realises that Ronnie is on to her. Things are looking bad for Ronnie until Jack turns up with the police and Hannah is arrested. Back in the Square, Ronnie and Jack are relieved it’s over, but someone is watching them…

Abi is desperate to lure Ben away from Walford following Louise’s threat. Showing him a place near to her mum’s, Abi is frustrated when Ben insists he wants to stay in London. Realising that she needs to stand up to Louise, Abi tells her they’re not going anywhere, pointing out that if Louise tries to reveal her secret, Ben will believe Abi over her.

Kyle throws a party for Stacey to welcome her back to the Square. Stacy is awkward when she arrives home to see everyone, forcing a smile. Kyle realises that Stacey is uncomfortable to see so many people. Stacey admits she just wants some space and to be treated as normal.