Jacqui prepares for her first day of work at The Dog. She puts on a brave face but deep down she’s terrified. Jack makes it very clear that he’ll take no scheming or lying from her, but she soon puts him in his place. Later, after an explosive first day, Jacqui is keen to prove that she’s getting her life back on track.

Rhys asks Darren to join him for a drink and it’s awkward for Darren who can feel Jack and Frankie watching him. Jacqui knows Rhys is checking up on her and tells him to butt out. Meanwhile, Frankie accuses Jacqui of short changing her. Jacqui tells Jack to check the tills at the end of the day which turn out to be spot on.

Nancy drops round with leaflets about counselling but when Jacqui catches her talking to Rhys, she thinks she’s interfering and kicks her out. Rhys questions how well his wife is coping and tells her he thinks that she needs professional help.

Amy is stunned when she finds herself charged with assault and Lee’s attempts to mediate only serve to make matters worse.

Also; Sinead uses her new tutor Will to get messages to Bart and Tex; Mitzeee’s plan to make Warren jealous backfires.

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