Can Jackie hide her sexy photos from Des?

Jacqui’s horrified when she finds out the photographs she posed for in London are in this month’s lads’ mag. Desperate to hide them from Des, she bins all the stock from Drive ‘N’ Buy. Duncan and Ricky retrieve one and head to Il Gnosh, but are gutted when Tony confiscates it. Des arrives and is stunned when he sees the photos and heads round to see Jacqui.

Tony’s left reeling when Dominic reveals their granddad was German. He puts an end to his veterans day, as Jacqui bursts in and accuses him of perving over her pictures. Tony’s hurt when Cindy questions why she ever married him.

Nancy discovers Hannah’s diary in Anita’s bag, and sneaks it from her. Leila’s furious when Nancy tells her what she’s found, and storms round to confront Hannah, along with Nancy and a mortified Anita. Hannah insists she was only trying to show her what a mess it can make of her life but Leila and Nancy are too angry to listen. A distressed Hannah almost binges before breaking down in tears….

Also; Spencer’s treated in hospital with first-degree burns. Dave tells Sasha the only reason he didn’t see Spencer near the firework…

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