Jacqui and Theresa are ready for their first day of cleaning, but Jackie is struggling to survive without punching Trudy’s teeth out! It’s clear Trudy wants revenge for their time in prison and she’s going to make Jacqui pay…

Darren finds it hard to conceal the truth from Nancy. Later, he comes home from a night out, like something the cat dragged in and Nancy questions where he’s been all night and whether he has been with Cindy. However, Darren’s actually been with Seamus and won £2,500 on the horses. But when he loses the envelope with the winnings in, there’s only one person destined to find it and she does – Nancy… Holly convinces Nancy it’s her money and Darren feels sick as he watches his wife hand over his winnings.

Patrick encourages Dodger to forget about Texas once and for all. In the SU Bar, Dodger gives Texas a ‘goodbye kiss’, which only makes Tex realise that her feelings for Will aren’t real.


Barney can see Rob still loves Annalise and encourages him to tell her, resulting in Rob and Annalise leaving Hollyoaks together, while Brendan returns from Ireland but it’s not a warm welcome from Ste. Kevin is a bit more civil but Brendan shows the newcomer who’s boss.