Can Jade control her jealousy?

Following Jade’s outburst, Rhys thinks about pulling out, knowing he can’t deal with a stressful house as well as his stressful job. When he tells Kyle he can’t believe he nearly went out with Jade, Kyle’s shocked, knowing nothing about this. However, he lets it go and assures Rhys that Jade will come round.

Rhys isn’t convinced when he bumps into Jade at Harold’s and the pair clash. Realising this is about Kyle, Rhys stirs things up by sending the nurse Kyle took out for dinner for a training session with Jade. Seeing how wound up Jade gets, Rhys pushes her into admitting she likes Kyle and she’s suspicious when he says she can trust him not to say anything.

With the development for the shopping centre moving forward, Toadie finds himself pulled between his job and his friends and neighbours. And things get even trickier for Toadie, when Sonya voices her concerns about her business being at risk of going under when the new shopping centre opens.

When Sonya voices her feelings about it in front of Toadie’s boss, he realises she has no idea Toadie is working on the project. When he tells his boss he’s too close to be involved, his boss warns him he has a lot to lose if he backs out now.