Can Jade get rid of Michelle?

With Michelle still refusing to move out, Jade assures Kyle she has a plan to get her out, but it might get dirty! Knowing Michelle is allergic to animals, Jade brings home a pet cat and Michelle freaks out, as Jade expected. However, her plan fails when Michelle informs her that pets are not allowed in the house and threatens to call the real estate agent.

Desperate, Jade seeks help from an unlikely source – Rhys. Disguised as property inspector Christian, Rhys tells Michelle to expect a bill of a few thousand dollars for damage to her bedroom. Knowing she can’t afford to pay, she finally moves out, with Kyle and Jade only too happy to help her!

However, when Michelle tells them she knows about their little ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement – in front of Sonya and Lucas – an awkward moment follows, leaving them slightly less smug about their victory.

Michael continues to worry about Tash and the flashbacks she’s been having since she nearly drowned. Although he keeps checking she’s OK, he’s still keeping something from her. How long until Tash remembers or Michael cracks?

Also, Sonya is thrilled when Lucas tells her he’s bought the garage with the inheritance he got from his dad.